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In the frontier town of Nome, Alaska, there’s a gold rush on. But you’ve never seen gold mining like this before — here, the precious metal isn’t found in the ground. It’s sitting in the most unlikely of places: the bottom of the frigid, unpredictable Bering Sea. And there are a handful of people willing to risk it all to bring it to the surface.

Premiere Date: Jan/27/2012

Genre: Drama, Family


Most Recent Episodes

Bering Sea Gold season 9 episode 5

Season 9, Episode 5: Cracked

Kris' scheme to make a million off Shawn's bluff is sabotaged when Mr. Gold plots with a turncoat Kelly diver. Seek may have found his mining future, but when the ice breaks up, he'll have to move to a gold spot hot enough to save the ...

Air Date: Sep 08, 2017

Bering Sea Gold season 9 episode 8

Season 9, Episode 8: Last Man Diving

Shawn's crew is rewarded with the Pomrenke's best ice season; Mr. Gold charms investors in Las Vegas; the Kellys' hardest ice season ends up the most profitable....

Air Date: Sep 29, 2017

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Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe