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Doctor Who season 4 episode 1Episode 1: Partners in Crime

When an alien invasion threatens Earth, the Doctor is the planet's only hope. But can Donna find him in time......

Air Date: Apr 05, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 2Episode 2: The Fires of Pompeii

The Doctor and Donna arrive in Pompeii on the eve of its famous eruption. But should they warn the residents of the catastrophe that is about to befal...

Air Date: Apr 12, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 3Episode 3: Planet of the Ood

The Doctor and Donna visit the Ood's home planet, where they discover the Ood are at war with humans......

Air Date: Apr 19, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 4Episode 4: The Sontaran Stratagem

Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to UNIT and modern-day Earth, but an old enemy lies in wait.


Air Date: Apr 26, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 5Episode 5: The Poison Sky

As the Sontarans choke the Earth, the Doctor and UNIT battle to keep both Martha and Donna alive.


Air Date: May 03, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 6Episode 6: The Doctor's Daughter

As the shadows of war loom on the planet Messaline, the Doctor meets the most important woman of his life...


Air Date: May 10, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 7Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp

The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie, and help her to solve a murder mystery involving a giant shapeshifting wasp......

Air Date: May 17, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 8Episode 8: Silence in the Library

The Doctor meets River Song for the first time as he and Donna face the Vashta Nerada!


Air Date: May 31, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 9Episode 9: Forest of the Dead

As the shadows rise, the Doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song. But can they halt the advance of the Vashta Nerada?


Air Date: Jun 07, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 10Episode 10: Midnight

On the leisure world of Midnight, terrifying powers knocking behind the walls shake the Doctor to his core......

Air Date: Jun 14, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 11Episode 11: Turn Left

What would have happened if the Doctor had died facing the Racnoss? We find a nightmare world as Donna and Rose attempt to stop the approaching Dar...

Air Date: Jun 21, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 12Episode 12: The Stolen Earth

The Earth gets hijacked and relocated by a new Dalek empire, prompting the Doctor's allies--Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Capt. Jack Harkness and M...

Air Date: Jun 28, 2008

Doctor Who season 4 episode 13Episode 13: Journey's End

Season 4 concludes with the Doctor's companions making a last stand against Davros and the Daleks with the Doctor and the TARDIS both out of commis...

Air Date: Jul 05, 2008