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Doctor Who season 9 episode 1Episode 1: The Magician's Apprentice

On modern-day Earth, planes freeze in the sky, locked in the time. UNIT turns to Clara for help, and they soon discover the person responsible: Mis...

Air Date: Sep 19, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 2Episode 2: The Witch's Familiar

On Skaro, Davros asks the captive Doctor for one last favor before his death. Meanwhile, Clara and Missy attempt reenter the Dalek city.


Air Date: Sep 26, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 3Episode 3: Under the Lake

The Doctor and Clara arrive on an underwater base in the year 2119, and discover a base under siege. Ghosts are haunting--and killing--the crew, an...

Air Date: Oct 03, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 4Episode 4: Before the Flood

The Doctor travels back to 1980 with Bennett and O'Donnell to try and stop the Fisher King from sending the message that dooms the base in the futu...

Air Date: Oct 10, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 5Episode 5: The Girl Who Died

The Doctor and Clara are captured by 10th century Vikings, only to discover that alien warriors are abducting the village fighters and harvesting t...

Air Date: Oct 17, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 6Episode 6: The Woman Who Lived

The Doctor travels to England 1651 to find an alien artifact. What he finds instead is an old acquaintance, who he must help answer an age-old ques...

Air Date: Oct 24, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 7Episode 7: The Zygon Invasion (1)

The Doctor and UNIT learn that the Zygon-Human truce has been broken, as a renegade faction of Zygons seek to conquer the world so that they can li...

Air Date: Oct 31, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 8Episode 8: The Zygon Inversion (2)

After the Presidential Airliner is destroyed, the Doctor and Osgood head back to London. Meanwhile, Clara discovers that she has been replaced, and...

Air Date: Nov 07, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 9Episode 9: Sleep No More

A footage is collected from a space rescue mission. If you value your life, your sanity, and the future of your species, DO NOT WATCH IT.


Air Date: Nov 14, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 10Episode 10: Face the Raven

Have you ever found yourself in a street you've never seen before? The next day, could you not find that street again? You weren't dreaming. Your m...

Air Date: Nov 21, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 11Episode 11: Heaven Sent

The Doctor finds himself trapped and alone in an inescapable castle, stalked by an enemy that can't be fought. If he doesn't solve the puzzle of hi...

Air Date: Nov 28, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 12Episode 12: Hell Bent

The Doctor bargains with the Time Lords: his knowledge of the Hybrid in return for their saving Clara from death. However, the price may be far mor...

Air Date: Dec 05, 2015

Doctor Who season 9 episode 13Episode 13: The Husbands of River Song

It’s Christmas Day on a remote human colony where the Doctor is hiding away from the seasonal festivities—but when a crashed spaceship s...

Air Date: Dec 25, 2015