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The Graveyard Carz crew - Mark, Daren, Josh and Royal - take wrecked muscle cars and restore them to assembly-line condition. Led by Mark "The Warmachine" Worman, the crew works some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. As a leading Chrysler muscle car specialist and body shop owner, Worman doesn't settle for anything less than perfect restorations. Neither does his team as there is too much beauty in a quality Detroit automobile to let them go to rust. Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again.

Premiere Date: Jun/14/2012



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Graveyard Carz season 7 episode 6

Season 7, Episode 6: 'Cuda 'Tat

Ever since Will laid out a perfect paint job on the 1970 Burnt Orange 'Cuda,with the very difficult to apply FK5 paint, he has feared this day. Under Mark and Alyssa's scrutiny he has to repeat the perfect paint job or suffer the consequenc...

Air Date: Apr 25, 2017

Graveyard Carz season 7 episode 7

Season 7, Episode 7: What We Do For A Buck

It's time for resto-lovin' on Buck's '71 Challenger R/T. ...

Air Date: May 02, 2017

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