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I'm Sorry season 1 episode 1Episode 1: Pilot

Andrea discovers a titillating secret, which she can't quite get past, about another mom at her daughter's school, and she plays phone tag with her...

Air Date: Jul 12, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 2Episode 2: Racist Daughter

Andrea sets up a play date for Amelia and is horrified to learn that her daughter might be racist. Later, Andrea contracts a painful medical condit...

Air Date: Jul 12, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 3Episode 3: Ass Cubes

Andrea's friend Kyle is getting weirder with age, so she sets him up with Amelia's preschool teacher; Andrea's father starts hitting on her married...

Air Date: Jul 19, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 4Episode 4: Goddess Party

When Andrea's recently divorced friend asks her to throw a Goddess Party, Andrea does her best to figure out exactly what that is. Plus, a mom at s...

Air Date: Jul 26, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 5Episode 5: Acts of Service

Andrea and Mike wonder if their relationship is still on track, so they enlist self-help books and therapy to make sure they're good. And Andrea st...

Air Date: Aug 02, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 6Episode 6: Too Slow

When Amelia has questions about different types of families, Andrea looks to expose her to new role models. And suspecting that her brother is abou...

Air Date: Aug 09, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 7Episode 7: Divorce Fantasy

Andrea pushes her divorced friend Jennifer back into dating so she can live vicariously through her, but ends up regretting their night out. And pl...

Air Date: Aug 16, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 8Episode 8: Butt Bumpers

Andrea and Mike meet a new family they hope to befriend, but things become awkward during a playdate. Andrea questions the feminist messages she's ...

Air Date: Aug 23, 2017

I'm Sorry season 1 episode 9Episode 9: Weekend Alone

With Mike away on business and Amelia at her mother's, Andrea finds herself home alone for the first time in years. Andrea laments that she doesn't...

Air Date: Aug 30, 2017