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In one of the most innovative natural history series ever presented, Spy In The Wild deploys over 30 ultra-realistic animatronic 'Spy Creatures' to go undercover in the animal world, filming their unique behaviour closer than ever before.

Premiere Date: Jan/12/2017



Most Recent Episodes

Spy in the Wild season 1 episode 4

Season 1, Episode 4: Mischief

When nobody is around wild animals often get up to mischief among themselves - and some are downright criminal. In this hidden world of animal crime, retribution and antics, the Spy Creatures boldly go where no human would dare.Spy Tropicbird has...

Air Date: Feb 02, 2017

Spy in the Wild season 1 episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5: Meet the Spies

A behind-the-scenes view of the extraordinary story behind deploying the Spy Creatures, showing how the concept evolved and became the inspiration for the animatronic animals of the series. Discover thepainstaking work behind building the lifelike mo...

Air Date: Feb 03, 2017

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