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Strike Back season 3 episode 1Episode 1: Vengeance: Episode 1

Damian Scott is sent to Mogadishu, Somalia to rescue British diplomats after they are kidnapped by warlord Huseyin Waabri. Meanwhile Michael Stoneb...

Air Date: Sep 02, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 2Episode 2: Vengeance: Episode 2

Scott learns that one of the hostages is a high-ranking military intelligence operative and that Waabri is planning to sell nuclear devices in Sout...

Air Date: Sep 09, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 3Episode 3: Vengeance: Episode 3

Scott and Stonebridge track down a radical Islamic cleric in order to recover the nuclear devices, but are sidetracked by a CIA air strike and host...

Air Date: Sep 16, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 4Episode 4: Vengeance: Episode 4

Scott and Stonebridge prepare for an attack by Al Qaeda while holed up in an Algerian farmhouse with the nomad leader and the wounded courier. Mean...

Air Date: Sep 23, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 5Episode 5: Vengeance: Episode 5

The trail of the missing nuclear triggers leads to Cape Town, South Africa, where kidnappers abduct the children of an expatriate munitions expert...

Air Date: Sep 30, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 6Episode 6: Vengeance: Episode 6

Stonebridge seeks revenge on Craig Hanson after he turns up in Cape Town, South Africa. Meanwhile, Scott reconnects with a Mossad agent who's been ...

Air Date: Oct 07, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 7Episode 7: Vengeance: Episode 7

Knox extricates a political leader from a Zimbabwe prison, and the unit tries to catch up with the escapee by tracking his activist daughter.


Air Date: Oct 14, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 8Episode 8: Vengeance: Episode 8

Community unrest plagues South Africa and Zimbabwe following Lutulu's shooting. Stonebridge questions the shooter, while Scott, Lilian and Lutulu a...

Air Date: Oct 21, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 9Episode 9: Vengeance: Episode 9

Knox plans on unloading nuclear bombs into politically unstable African nations, while Matlock reveals why he joined Knox.


Air Date: Oct 28, 2012

Strike Back season 3 episode 10Episode 10: Vengeance: Episode 10

In order to stop Knox, Scott comes to Bryant for assistance. Meanwhile Stonebridge has trouble focusing on the mission as he is bent on revenge. Se...

Air Date: Nov 04, 2012