A Granny's Guide to the Modern World Season 1 Episode 1 Episode 1

Episode Summary

Air Date: 03rd Aug, 2016

This is verging on Old People Do The Funniest Things but while you’re hooting with laughter at 94-year-old Bobby’s reaction to male grooming or 82-year-old Laura-Jane’s attempts to incorporate obscenities into her conversation, there are some interesting (and contentious) points being made. Bobby, for instance, just can’t understand that what he calls people from Pakistan causes offence. This is the sort of territory we are in. Linked with variable success by Barry Humphries, one of the most astonishing sequences shows us a charming trio of elderly friends - Margot (73), Trish (82) and Daphne (78) - trying cannabis for the first time. They get in a right old tizz attempting to smoke a spliff in an Amsterdam café but they persevere and, it would seem, thoroughly enjoy recreational drugs as an experience. “It’s like having a second childhood,” they trill as they take to the swings in a children’s playground.

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