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Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seemier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace. Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries providing an intimate look at police officers and the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day work. Cops uses a modern adaptation of cinéma vérité, a French documentary style of film making from the early 1920s, where life is shot as it happens, without script, narration or interference. Here, the police officer is narrator, guiding you through the shift and what happens within it, using his or her own words. A four-time Emmy nominee, Cops offers a whole new perspective on law enforcement.

Premiere Date: Mar/11/1989

Genre: Crime


Most Recent Episodes

Cops season 31 episode 8

Season 31, Episode 8: Out The Window

A kitchen fire rapidly engulfs a house and traps one man on the top floor. A surprisingly calm runaway driver confuses officers when he blames his actions on nerves. A quiet suspect asks police to go easy on him....

Air Date: Jul 02, 2018

Cops season 31 episode 9

Season 31, Episode 9: Burning Rubber

Multiple attempts to stop a fleeing vehicle eventually gain traction. A driver becomes visibly agitated when deputies get closer to uncovering his secret. Officers split up when a young cyclist tries to make a quick getaway....

Air Date: Jul 09, 2018

Cops season 31 episode 10

Season 31, Episode 10: Breaking the Cycle

An innocent man is startled when a runaway motorcyclist crashes into his trailer. A stubborn suspect plays dumb when deputies confront him with the truth. Officers are disappointed when they run into a repeat lawbreaker. ...

Air Date: Jul 16, 2018

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Harry Newman

Harry Newman